The nine remaining bachelorettes all felt like they were being cheated on by Brad Womack, who narrowed his field of suitors to six during The Bachelor's fourth eleventh-season episode last night on ABC.

Jade, a 24-year-old boutique sales worker from Nashville, TN; Estefania (Stephy), a 26-year-old executive assistant from Atlanta, GA; and McCarten, a 26-year-old account manager from San Diego, CA, were all sent packing by the 34-year-old Austin, TX bar owner, brining an end to their The Bachelor journey.

"I know I have a wall around my heart.  Brad obviously wasn't the guy to get through to me," explained Stephy following her ouster.  "Hopefully someday someone's going to think it's worth their while to chip at my wall.  I came here looking for it because other ways of looking for it weren't working for me.  This didn't work out for me either... That's going to make me cry."

The Bachelor 11's fourth episode began with host Chris Harrison informing the nine remaining bachelorettes that Brad would be going on a special one-on-one date; a group date; as well as a two-on-one date.  He would award one of the women a rose on each of the three dates, however on the two-on-one date only one of the bachelorettes would receive a rose, meaning the other's time in the competition would come to an end prior to the Rose Ceremony.

While Kristy, a 29-year-old acupuncturist from Chicago, IL, explained how she would have loved to go on the one-on-one date, Brad decided to take Jenni, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader from Wichita, KS who received The Bachelor's "first impression" rose during the premiere broadcast.

"Jenni's good at getting guys to like her.  She sets her min to something, and she gets it," commented Sheena, a 23-year-old Internet marketing executive from Walnut Creek, CA.  "I sometimes question if she really fell for Brad or if it's the whole element of the competition... If that's what drives her."

Brad picked up Jenni for their date in a helicopter, much to the chagrin of the other ladies.  Stephy felt the physical attraction between Jenni and Brad is "obvious," which made her "insanely jealous."  Hillary, a 27-year-old registered nurse from Philadelphia, PA, said she had a pit in her stomach because of the "sexual chemistry" between Brad and Jenni.

"I just feel like your boyfriend left with the hottest, sexiest girl ever," worried Hillary to the other girls, one of whom asked if she felt like she was being "cheated on."  "I do," answered Hillary, who explained she thought Jenni was like a "hidden freak in the closet" when it came to her sexuality.

Jenni described her helicopter ride with Brad as the "most amazing thing" she's ever done, and it only got better from there as the two enjoyed dinner on the rooftop of a tall building overlooking the city.  Jenni's long term goal was to have Brad fall in love with her, but as for the short term, she had her eye on the rose she anticipated receiving to keep her in the competition.  Brad said he was glad Jenni had opened up to him during previous alone time they shared together.

Back at the house, Jade complained about how it "sucks" the way McCarten and DeAnna, a 25-year-old realtor from Neunan, GA, address the other bachelorettes.  DeAnna wondered why the other girls don't answer when they ask questions, and Stephy told her it's because McCarten and DeAnna "don't ask them in a nice manner."  Jade then exploded at DeAnna and McCarten for them not letting her express her opinion.

Jenni said she was hoping for a kiss and a rose, and after some flirting, she received the kiss.

"I feel like he is my boyfriend," gushed Jenni, who then got the rose from Brad.  She also revealed that she's saved every one of the roses he's given her (like trophies?), and he questioned whether she was "too good to be true."

"I felt so relieved that I got a rose tonight," said Jenni.  "I can't even tell you how happy I am.  He's just so wonderful."
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Sheena,; McCarten; Hillary; Stephy; Kristy; and Bettina, a 27-year-old realtor from Washington, DC, learned they'd be accompanying Brad on the group date, which meant Jade and DeAnna would be going on the two-on-one date, with one of them not returning.  While Jade was "really worried," DeAnna commented how she's "not intimidated by Jade."

Brad explained he was taking the girls to an improv comedy club for the group date because he wants them to "laugh or just have fun" rather than be "shy and reserved."  The girls played some warm-up games, performed prop comedy and even donned costumes.  While Hillary was the most outgoing, Bettina was a real ham, shouting "I love you Brad" through a party hat and using a pink boa for some pubic-hair humor. 

Kristy had a tough day, as she thought she blew her chance at getting to know Brad.  But he sympathized with her and tried to make her feel better.  However he decided to give his rose to Bettina because she tends to be "reserved" but wore a smile the entire group date.

"Brad likes me!" said Bettina.  "I don't really care what the other women think.  I can just see us being together.  I can see us having this really great life together."

At the house Jade and DeAnna prepared for their date.  Jade was still "nervous" while DeAnna reiterated how she was confident since she's "more compatible" with Brad.  Jade said she hoped Brad would see DeAnna's "being wretched."

"This is by far the most difficult date I've been on in my entire life," said Brad, and away they went.

DeAnna dominated the conversation, and Jade commented how she was aware she was "freezing up and freaking out."  She grabbed Brad for some alone time and explained how she's "under a lot of pressure."  Brad told Jade "you're not giving yourself enough credit" and described her as "very confident, very beautiful."

While the two-on-one date was going on, all the girls back at the house gushed about how they would answer a marriage proposal from Brad with an enthusiastic "Yes!"  However Bettina set them straight and revealed she's divorced, much to the surprise of the other suitors.

"If I was in Brad's shoes, I probably wouldn't date somebody who's been divorced," said Hillary on her high horse.  "She's like a used car, he has to kick the tires every once and a while to see if she still works."

As the two-on-one date came to a close, DeAnna explained to Brad how she "wants to have the chance to fall in love" with The Bachelor star.  He asked if she really meant it, and she said yes, which basically brought an end to Jade's The Bachelor journey as Brad explained he has more of a romantic connection with DeAnna and gave her the rose.  Brad called it "one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life" and proceeded to make-out with DeAnna in the hot tub as Jade exited the competition.

"I'm actually really shocked to be going home," said Jade.  "I guess he can only go with what his heart feels and his connection and whatever, I just really, really wish he could have seen through [DeAnna].  I really let some of the other girls get to me.  I let myself get consumed by the conflict between me an DeAnna as opposed to what I should have been saying to Brad."

Following her poor performance on the group date, Kristy said she felt like she was in a "little bit of a funk" and thought there was a "great chance" she could be eliminated, so she grabbed Brad for some alone time prior to the upcoming Rose Ceremony.  Brad described Kristy as "very much a lady, mature and composed," surprisingly adding those attributions are "major concerns" because she might be "way too refined" since he's "a little rough around the edges."

Kristy, Bettina, DeAnna and McCarten then ganged up on Brad and asked who the first bachelorette he kissed was.  He answered Jenni, and Bettina said her "heart sank" and she described Jenni as the "sluttiest in the house."  DeAnna was surprised Brad would have kissed any of the girls on the first date, which is when Jenni and his kiss occurred.  The girls confronted Jenni about treating The Bachelor as a "competition" instead of as a way to find a "relationship."

"I'm upset because there are women here -- especially Jenni -- she's treating it like it's a cheerleading competition," commented Bettina.  "I came here not wanting to care at all about the guy.  But I can't help it!  Brad is so compassionate and so kind that it's hard for me to watch other women not treat him with the same kind of respect."

McCarten described the evening as the "hardest cocktail party" yet, as she was having a difficult time opening up to Brad.  During some alone time with him, she explained how she hasn't let her guard down because she had gotten her heart broken before and was scared to be hurt again.  McCarten told Brad how she felt some of the girls weren't being "genuine" with him, and she didn't want it to be about "competition" but instead her "connection" with him.

Brad and the bachelorettes participated in The Bachelor 11's fourth Rose Ceremony.  Since Jenni, Bettina and DeAnna already received roses earlier in the episode, Brad gave the remaining three to Kristy, Sheena and Hillary.  Stephy and McCarten joined Jade as being booted from the competition.

"Brad is an amazing person that I could see being the father of my children or my husband," said McCarten through tears.  "I came here looking for true love.  I put my heart on the line, my heart's been broken before... And I'm going home."

The Bachelor 11's next episode will air Monday, October 22 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

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