Janice Dickinson has presumably been banned from numerous venues throughout her life, but never one this close to her heart.

The 52-year-old reality TV star and self-described "world's first supermodel" has been told to stay away from all events staged by model talent agency IMG after she allegedly caused quite a commotion at the Los Angeles Fashion Week show on Monday night, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

According to the Chronicle, Dickinson refused to take her assigned seat at the Ed Hardy fashion show at Smashbox Studios.  True to Dickinson's diva form, she instead insisted on taking the seat along the edge of the runway belonging to Fashion Week organizer Fern Mallis.  After Smashbox co-creator Davis Factor reportedly "personally reprimanded her," Dickinson finally agreed to move.

But the drama didn't end there (why would it?), as Dickinson reportedly claimed she'd broken her toe, and after the show she could be seen backstage inserting her foot into a large tub of ice reserved for sponsored beverages.

Dickinson currently stars in Oxygen's The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and also appeared as a judge on the first four seasons of America's Next Top Model.  However prior to the fifth season, the now defunct UPN announced Dickinson was not coming back to Top Model for that classic PR reason -- "to pursue other projects."  She was replaced by former British model Twiggy, who remains a judge on Top Model to this day. 

Dickinson also appeared as a housemate on the fifth season of The Surreal Life where she -- surprise, surprise -- constantly butted heads with original The Apprentice diva Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.