Tiffany "New York" Pollard didn't waste any time on VH1's premiere of I Love New York last night, as Flava Flav's former squeeze eliminated the first five men vying for her affection and also aggravated her mother with at least one of the guys she kept around.

Eliminated by New York during the series' premiere were Ace, a tennis coach and IT professional who loves to lick women's toes; Jersey, a financial advisor who has a shoe fetish; T-Bone, a mama's boy IT manager; T-Money, an entrepreneur and aspiring game-show host; and Wood, a divorced truck driver. 

The episode began with a brief flashback of New York's two appearances on VH1's Flavor of Love, from her crying in the limousine after the first season to cursing in the limousine after being spurned by the Public Enemy rapper following the second season.  Because "time heals all wounds," according to New York, she and Flava Flav have since reconciled.  Now she's conducting the search to find the right man, with the help of her mother Sister Patterson, a regular church-goer from Syracuse, NY, and Chamo, her personal stylist and assistant.  As New York initially greeted her 20 suitors in front of the Hollywood mansion where they'll be staying, she liked her chances of finding love.

"I lost at love not once but twice," she said.  "But you know what?  I think my man is here.  I think my king is here."

As New York gave all of the guys nicknames, ala Flavor of Love, it quickly became clear what her mother's intentions were.

"Even if it kills me, even if I'm down to my last breath, I'm going to find a man for my daughter this time around," said Patterson.

Of course, the first guy New York cozied-up with did not go over to well with Patterson.  Chance, a music producer and former Capitol Records artist, impressed New York the most because she said he has "the New York edge" and is a "thug."  Patterson, a self-proclaimed five-foot three-inch brown belt, thought Chance had a "big mouth" and an "attitude" and opined that her daughter deserves better. 

Throughout the first episode, New York and Patterson mingled with the 20 guys over drinks.  Record-label owner Tango told New York he was there to meet Tiffany, not her Flavor of Love alter ego.  Patterson thought 12 Pack, a personal trainer, was gay and also tabbed the Caucasian bartender Token as her "little spy."  Then there was Wood, who New York thought looked familiar and later found he had previously appeared on four other reality shows, including Mr. Romance and Elimidate.  New York also took a liking to Boston, a white financial advisor that tells horrible jokes, because he actually stood-up to Chance for New York's attention during the first night. 

Patterson's dislike for Chance caused the first case of drama in the mansion, as she blew cigarette smoke in his face after he sat down next to her.  Chance said he "felt disrespected" and Patterson referred to him as "the thorn in my side."  Shouting ensued, and while Chance agreed to apologize to Patterson, she was having none of it.  As Patterson and New York met to decide who would be the first five guys to go, it was clear who mom wanted to see leave.

"She doesn't want to give Chance a second chance," said New York of her mother.

As New York revealed the identities of those who would be staying, Chance and Boston were among the last without a pass to another day in the mansion.  Boston said he felt as if "heaven shined down" on him when his name was called and he found he'd be staying.  That left Chance, and when New York revealed he'd be sticking around a little longer, Patterson yelled, "I don't want him here!"  Fortunately for New York, it's her show, and she gets to say who stays and goes.

"You better work it Chance because this may be your last chance," New York told him.
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I Love New York will continue on Monday, January 15 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  The 15 remaining guys are 12 Pack, Bonez, Boston, Chance, Heat, Onix, Pootie, Real (Chance's brother), Rico, Romance, Tango, Token, Trends, Tweed and White Boy.