Jason Wahler has been arrested three times in the last eight months and was allegedly intoxicated for all three instances, meaning there was really only one place where the 20-year-old former Laguna Beach and The Hills star could go.  And no, it's not jail, even though that's probably where he belongs.

"Jason's in rehab, and he's getting help," a relative of Wahler -- who declined to give her name -- told People Thursday.  "He's doing very well, and he's going to be a new man.  There was a deal made with prosecutors."

Last September, Wahler reportedly punched a tow-truck driver as well as a Los Angeles city employee and was accused of using racial slurs against two of the victims, who are African-American. He pleaded no contest to one count of battery and received a two-month jail sentence and was also required to attend a one-day program at the Museum of Tolerance.  According to People, Wahler was due to begin serving his sentence last week at Los Angeles County Jail, but that was delayed by a judge because of his current stint in rehab.

"His jail sentence has been suspended for now," Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan told People.  "But we'll be informing the court of Wahler's latest arrest in Seattle at his next progress report hearing on June 8."

Ah yes, who could forget about Wahler's latest in a string of arrests?  Only a month after being sentenced for the alleged September beating, Wahler was arrested again on April 8 in Seattle and booked on charges of assault and criminal trespassing.  According to the incident report, officers responded to a disturbance at a Marriott hotel where a security guard claimed two guests had been wrestling in the lobby.  After issuing warnings to stop, the guard reportedly accused Wahler of punching him in the mouth before being restrained by a friend.  Wahler then allegedly fled the hotel, only to return "a short time later" when police found him passed out in a third-floor hallway "smelling strongly of alcohol."

If convicted in that case, People reported Wahler could be found in violation of his Los Angeles' probation, which could mean more time behind bars.  Wahler was also arrested in Greenville, NC in March for underage drinking and resisting a public officer during a raid at a local nightclub.