A&E Network has announced that it plans to expand its reality programming lineup with five new reality series -- Crime 360, The Rookies, The Two Coreys, Paranormal State and Confessions of a Matchmaker --  and has also ordered two new reality pilots, The Pendletons and Good in the Hood.

"Our series combine great characters and powerful storytelling," said Robert Sharenow, senior vice president of non-fiction and alternative programming for A&E.  "In the crowded landscape, the A&E brand really breaks away from the rest of the pack and resonates with a young audience. These new series and pilots promise to do just that."

Crime 360, which is a working title, follows real-life criminal investigations and shows viewers how the worlds of technology and detective work collide in each case with a mix of CGI graphics, evidence collecting, forensics, and 3D photography.  Crime 360 is being produced by Base Productions for A&E.

After a string of hurricanes devastated Louisiana in recent years, The Rookies follows a new class of law-enforcement officials as they are thrust into work on some of America's "deadliest streets."  In Jefferson Parish, LA, Sheriff Harry Lee calls upon the young officers -- and The Rookies will follow them as they begin a 12-week street patrol -- riding shotgun with a Field Training Officer and learning lessons of survival.  The Rookies is being produced by TTP for A&E.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman may not be the biggest box-office draws anymore, but there was a time when the two friends ruled Hollywood.  While it was nearly two decades ago, The Two Coreys will follow the friends as they've reunited when Haim moves-in with Feldman and his wife Susie.  The Two Coreys is being produced by RDF Media for A&E.

Penn State University student Ryan Buell has a major like no other, as he's one of the first students to ever enroll in a university sanctioned paranormal research group, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS).  Each episode of Paranormal State will follow Buell and the PRS team as they seek to find the truth behind real-life mysteries when they are contacted for help by outside parties ranging from The Catholic Church to ordinary families, investigating poltergeists, hauntings and the darkest areas of the unknown.  Paranormal State is being produced by Go Go Lucky Entertainment for A&E.

Patti Novak is billed by A&E as a "matchmaker on a mission," and viewers will be able to follow her as she attempts to help single people in Buffalo, NY find their mate in Confessions of a Matchmaker.  The series is being produced by Sharp Entertainment for A&E.

The name Thomas Pendleton may not ring a bell, but his body-art probably looks familiar.  The former star of A&E's Inked reality series will star in The Pendletons, a new pilot being developed by the cable network.  As Pendleton abandons his career at the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, NV and tries to settle down with his new wife Monica, the couple quickly realizes they need money and embark on a cross-county tattoo tour to support his art and growing family.  The Pendletons is produced by Juma Entertainment.

Previously announced in March, Good in the Hood is produced by rapper and actor Ice Cube and explores stories of personal redemption by featuring real people who have "pulled themselves back from the edge" as they attempt to right the lives of others they care for who also need to be saved.  Good in the Hood is being produced for A&E by 25/7 Productions and Cube-vision.