Sci Fi Channel has announced the premiere of Destination Truth, a new six-episode Sci Fi Investigates-like reality series that will allow viewers to follow one man's attempt to get to the truth about unexplained mysteries around the world. 

Destination Truth -- which will be hosted by world adventurer and eager truth-seeker Josh Gates -- is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, June 6 at 10PM ET/PT following the return of Ghost Hunters' third season at 9PM ET/PT.

Previously announced in January, each one-hour episode of Destination Truth will follow Gates and his small production crew as they visit a different destination around the world where some of the most notorious, supernatural and mysterious stories originate. 

The investigations will include the Fire Worm of Mongolia; the Chilean Chupacabre; the Malaysian Bigfoot; the flying dinosaur-like creatures over Papau, New Guinea; a haunted village in Thailand; and the wolfman of Argentina.  In addition to searching for evidence and talking to witnesses and experts, Gates and his crew will immerse themselves in the local culture as they try to debunk or prove the unexplained stories.

In addition to the premiere of Destination Truth and the return of Ghost Hunters' third season , Sci Fi also announced Derren Brown Project -- a new reality series starring British mentalist Derren Brown -- will premiere on Wednesday, July 25 at 10PM ET/PT immediately following Who Wants to be a Superhero?'s second season premiere at 9PM ET/PT.