With their romantic relationship already on the rocks, The Amazing Race: All-Stars was apparently the kiss-of-death for winners Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner.

"We were on [The Amazing Race 9].  We met on Season 9, and we dated a few months after that.  Then we did All-Stars together and it all went downhill," said Turner, elaborating on the reasons for her break-up with Sanchez as the two appeared as guests on Tuesday's broadcast of Live with Regis and Kelly.

During The Amazing Race 9, Sanchez was paired with friend Jeremy Ryan and finished second while Turner was teamed with friend Dani Torchio and finished seventh.  However they combined forces with one another for All-Stars and were able to come out on top, besting the other 10 teams and winning the $1 million prize.  But Sanchez said it wasn't all paradise.

"Imagine going on a month-long vacation with an ex-girlfriend," he said.  "And it's just all that bickering and fighting.  It's just too much."

While they went into All-Stars as a couple, their relationship was already on shaky ground.  After talking on the phone "a lot" following their The Amazing Race 9 experience, Sanchez and Turner began to visit each other at his home in Florida and hers in New York City.

"He moved to New York, we tried out the New York thing for a little while, it just didn't work out," said Turner.  "I wasn't ready to live with someone and I wasn't ready to move to Florida."  Added Sanchez, "So basically I lived in Florida and she lived in New York.  We just decided it was too long-distance.  Too much too soon, and it was just not for us."

When asked who was responsible for the split, both Sanchez and Turner answered at the same time, "It was mutual."

"I didn't realize he's as crazy as he is," said Turner before Sanchez jumped in, "She's slightly more high maintenance than I thought also.  Anybody that's trying to climb a rock wall with a manicure has some issues."  Retorted Turner, "I think it's obvious I'm a little high maintenance.  I think he knew what he was getting into."

As if to emphasize the fact that they're no longer dating, Turner's new boyfriend Michael and Sanchez' new girlfriend Nicole both appeared on-air at the end of Live's broadcast.  Co-host Regis Philbin asked Turner what she thought of Nicole

"She's very nice..." answered Turner.  Replied Philbin, "Boy was that cool!"