After more than two years of dating in the real world, the bloom has apparently finally fallen off the rose for The Bachelor seventh-season lovebirds Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice.

"We split a few months ago -- it was a clean breakup, nothing out of control," said Brice in the October 8 issue of In Touch Weekly, reported Wednesday. "I definitely thought I'd spend the rest of my life with him -- I think we both did -- but there were some things between us that we couldn't resolve."

O'Connell starred as the object of affection during The Bachelor's Spring 2005 seventh edition.  While he failed to propose marriage to Brice, he did present her with the final rose as well as a promise ring. 

The couple had continued their romantic relationship ever since, and were most recently spotted together on July 14 when O'Connell's brother --actor Jerry O'Connell -- married actress Rebecca Romijin in a ceremony outside Los Angeles, In Touch reported in its July 30 issue.

Despite ending their relationship, Brice assured she and The Bachelor 7 star are still "best friends."

"We still love each other a lot," she told In Touch, according to TMZ.

While the couple has no children together, Brice told In Touch she received custody of their dog Lucy.