Apparently, Lauri Waring is no Carol Brady.  Waring, one of the five women featured on Bravo's second season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, "has changed," according to her son Josh -- and he doesn't think it's been for the better.

"She's a different person," Waring's troubled teenage son told The Orange County Register newspaper in an article published Friday.  "I don't know if the show went to her head, or what.  At one point, she went to Europe and left me with the home and the car.  I don't think she wanted to parent me."

During the second season of The Real Housewives, which premiered on January 16, the divorced Waring is shown merging her family with that of the new man in her life, George Peterson, and forming "New Age Brady Bunch."  She has three children from her previous marriage, including Josh, and Peterson has four.

According to Josh, his problems with Waring came to a head early last year when he and some other "underage friends" -- including Peterson's son -- were out in his mother's car when they were pulled-over for a curfew violation.  While it may sound like a minor infraction, it was a violation of Josh's probation from an earlier incident he had with marijuana.  Waring was reportedly in New York City with Peterson when the curfew violation occurred, and when she returned to Orange County, she put Josh in a treatment center where he remained until this past December when he turned 18 and was released.

"My mom was willing to expose (my problems) but not willing to handle it," Josh told The Register.  "It was public entertainment, which pretty much disgusts me... If turning your son into a disposable item was necessary for success, she was willing to do it."

When he was released, Waring -- who had since moved into Peterson's large Newport Beach house -- allowed Josh to stay at the family's townhouse condo and continue to have use of her car.  Josh said the one rule she instituted was "no parties," so when she came by one night to discover five of his friends in the home, she kicked him out.  While Josh didn't think it was a "party," he was left without a place to live, clothes to wear or a vehicle to get where he needed to go, including college, which he was unable to start due to the lack of transportation.  If that weren't bad enough, he now lives with Peterson's ex-wife, Gina.

When he called his mother to tell her he was having a hard time adjusting to the new living situation, he didn't receive the reaction he wanted.  "[I was] looking for some empathy in her voice -- anything -- but there was none," he told The Register.  "All I heard was, 'I'm going to Europe with George,' and she was gone."

Josh said since he's known Peterson, he can "count up a million dollars" that's been spent on his mother, a figure Waring -- whom The Real Housewives has shown bragging about the amount of money her new extremely well-to-do land developer beau has spent on her -- called a "greatly exaggerated" figure.  She also told The Register that her version of this story is "much different" than Josh's.  But even Josh said he's recently had trouble disseminating between who he really is and what the Bravo reality series portrays.

"If you watch this season [of The Real Housewives], it's disgusting the lies I put on for my mom," Josh told The Register.  "I don't know why I put that face on for her.  Maybe I was hoping she'd spend time with me."

Josh is currently trying to find a job as well as re-enroll in college to earn a business degree.  New episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County continue to air on Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT on Bravo.