Randy Jackson thinks finding the perfect song to conclude each season of American Idol is even more difficult than finding the newest musical sensation to sing it.

"There's a ton of great singers out there.  There's not a ton of great songs," Jackson said in the February 5 issue of TV Guide.  "Just look at the charts.  Every year there may be five or six great songs.  And that's out of eight million records released."

During the sixth season of Idol, producers are toying with the idea of holding a national songwriting competition open to both signed or unsigned songwriters, which would determine the original song heard by millions of Americans as they watch the finalists perform when the series ends in May.  The competition was first reported by The Los Angeles Times last August, but TV Guide reported in its piece with Jackson that the contest is still "in the works."

In the January 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said, "It's unfair to knock the final song.  Randy does it more than anyone else, probably because he only says five words over and over all season."  In the same article, Jackson said "finding a hit song at any time is one of the hardest things in the world," and he continues to stand by that statement.

"Finding a great song is like trying to find a diamond in a million square miles of tar," Jackson told TV Guide.

Jackson should know a thing or two about songwriting, as he's penned tunes for numerous artists, including Mariah Carey.