An Oregon man broke a Guinness World Record for "swuggling" -- swimming while juggling -- when he completed 101 catches without interruption.

Bob Evans, a fifth-grade teacher at Pacific Ridge Elementary School, climbed into the water at Sunset Pool in Sunset and juggled five balls while swimming to break the record.

Evans completed 101 catches, far surpassing the previous record of 25. A video of the feat was shared on YouTube by the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District.

The swimmer said Guinness had strict rules for the attempt, including ensuring that none of the balls touched the water and his feet never touched the ground while swuggling.

Evans said he trained for several months before the attempt. He said he found it difficult to complete more than 11 catches until July, when he managed higher numbers.

The teacher said he also managed 224 catches while swuggling with four balls, but Guinness does not currently have a category for four-ball swuggling.

Evans said he is now submitting evidence from the attempt, including video and witness statements, to Guinness for official recognition.