90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Jasmine Pineda changing her mind about having a baby, Sophie Sierra deciding to move back in with Rob Warne, Kobe Blaise questioning his marriage, and the return of Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone during the Season 8 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s new season stars Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly, Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Goldstone, Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Sherbiny, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone, Ed Brown and Liz Woods, and Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem.

The cast also includes Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne, Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez, and Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda from the latest season of 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? features married couples trying to make their relationships work in America following the K-1 visa process, except for Liz and Ed, who began the season as engaged Americans.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cast will "continue to navigate the highs and lows in their relationships including everything from preparing for first impressions with the in-laws, to managing significant cultural differences, to working through turbulent family dynamics and more," according to TLC.

Below is what happened on Episode 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s eighth season.


Emily was still upset after her fight with Kobe over his friends, who had expressed to Kobe that they weren't sure Kobe had found his perfect match. Kobe's friends were concerned about Emily not being from Cameroon, and they worried she was going to be a bossy American wife and not let Kobe lead the household.

Emily wasn't looking forward to seeing Kobe's friends on the trip because of their apparent disapproval of her, but she went to Kobe's handball game to support him and root him on.

Emily thought Kobe looked "hot" in his uniform, but he had to wear a knee brace since he just had surgery on his ACL a couple of months prior.

In the middle of the game, Kobe limped to the side of the court, and Emily's family feared Kobe had reinjured himself.

Emily rushed to Kobe's side and asked him to take care of himself, and she wanted him to stop playing in order to prevent another ACL tear. But Kobe insisted, in front of his friends, that he knew what he was doing and he'd be fine.

"Wife knows best," Emily shouted.

Kobe's pal mentioned how Emily's behavior wasn't "proper" and Emily's "pompous" attitude was a surprise. Kobe's friends were worried that Kobe wasn't going to get what he deserved by choosing not to marry a woman in Cameroon.

Kobe admitted that he was starting to believe his friends' concerns were valid, and so he considered asking Emily to change her ways and let him be the leader in their marriage. He said he wanted a happy life, and Kobe's friends didn't believe that he had one -- yet.

After the game, Emily insisted to Kobe's friends that she was a very good mother and wife.

Emily said she treated Kobe like a king and was very driven, but the men scolded her for speaking to her husband with authority. The pals suggested that Emily had embarrassed her man and wasn't treating him with dignity.

"They think our relationship isn't going to last. It makes me feel like they're not even giving me a shot," Emily complained in a confessional.

Kobe's friends then dropped a bombshell about one of Kobe's ex-girlfriends. They claimed that Kobe was still dating a woman when he had met Emily in China.

Since Kobe claimed he was single at the time, Emily wondered if Kobe had lied to her. She wondered if Kobe had something to tell her or if Kobe's friends were just trying to sabotage their relationship.


After looking at their wedding photos together, Jasmine was feeling down and deflated about her future with Gino. Jasmine wanted to be able to move her kids to the United States much sooner than two years from that point.

Jasmine told Gino that she felt depressed and was seriously considering, for the first time, moving back to Panama to be with her kids.

Gino admitted he was sad about the news as well, and he didn't want to lose Jasmine.

"I don't feel like you're here with me and here for me," Jasmine cried to her husband. "All these days, we haven't spoken. I need you, I really do."

"I'm sorry you're feeling like this. I don't want you to go back to Panama," Gino replied.

Gino thought Jasmine had been making empty threats and was just being dramatic, but he could tell how truly upset she was about their situation. Gino claimed he felt bad about it, and so he tried to convince his wife to stay.

Gino promised he'd begin working on Jasmine's adjustment status right away so that she could travel back to Panama in about eight months. Gino said he'd get the ball rolling on her children's paperwork right after that.

Gino also gave into hiring an immigration lawyer just to check over his paperwork once he finished it. He said he didn't have $5,000, however, to hire a lawyer for the whole process.

Gino just wanted his marriage to be normal again, and so Jasmine asked Gino to put his ego aside and be more empathetic to the pain she was in.

Gino and Jasmine then went to a restaurant together, and Jasmine was very pleased to go on a real date with her husband. The pair enjoyed laughs and good food, and Jasmine apologized to Gino for hurting his feelings during their fight.

Gino acknowledged how it really hurt his feelings when Jasmine said he wasn't going to be a good father, and Jasmine assured him that she didn't really feel that way.

The couple then talked about continuing to try for a baby of their own, and Jasmine pointed out how it was going to be a lot of work and they were getting up there in age.

Gino was still hoping for a baby in the near future, but Jasmine admitted to the cameras how she needed time to focus on herself and cope. Jasmine's mind was apparently wrapped up in thoughts about the children she already had and how they were so far away.


Patrick from Nevada and Thais from Brazil were shown playing with their daughter Aleesi. The spouses recently moved from Dallas, TX, to Las Vegas with their six-month-old daughter, and Patrick said they really liked it there.

Patrick, however, was recovering from a knee injury. He needed surgery after hurting himself during a flag football game. Thais was upset Patrick had gotten hurt right because they were about to travel to Brazil to visit her friends and family.

Thais had been away from her loved ones for about two years, and so she was really looking forward to this trip.

While Thais was feeding her baby girl, the doorbell rang, and Patrick's brother John had arrived.

John visited the couple to help Patrick put up some baby gates. Thais admitted she had ups and downs with John but the doors to her home were always open for him -- for just about one day at a time.

John was happily engaged at the time of filming, and he was about to become a stepdad.

John then essentially invited himself to Brazil so he could spend more time with his brother. Thais appeared annoyed and concerned, and she told John that she didn't want him to "cause any trouble" in her home country.

"John is a disaster, and him being around my family could be a disaster," Thais lamented in a confessional.

Patrick didn't agree to John joining them right away, and he told his brother that he'd sleep on it.

Thais complained to the cameras how she "couldn't get away from John," and Patrick insisted that he never planned this with his brother. Patrick believed John just wanted to join them in order to spend some quality time with them.

Patrick thought that if John got to meet her family, they'd become closer -- but Thais completely disagreed. Thais admitted she didn't want to mix her brother-in-law with her relatives, but Patrick confessed he'd like John to attend the party in Brazil with them.

Thais agreed that John could go as long as Patrick would be willing to watch him and keep him in line.

"John is a pain in my ass," Thais lamented in a confessional.


Nicole was shown going out to dinner with her friends, and without Mahmoud, following the couple's argument over Nicole wearing an outfit that showed a part of her back.

Nicole told her group of friends that Mahmoud wanted to divorce her because her back was exposed in her pink, floral dress. Nicole's friends thought the dress was modest, and so everyone was shocked.

"I didn't say 'divorce.' He said 'divorce.' And he always says 'divorce,'" Nicole complained to her pals, who didn't like seeing her stressed out and unhappy.

Nicole, however, said she loved Mahmoud to the moon and back. The group therefore advised Nicole to give Mahmoud some time to get used to his new environment and settle in. Mahmoud had only been in the United States for two days.

Nicole thought Mahmoud was making a big deal out of nothing, and one of Nicole's male friends -- who was also from a different country -- volunteered to show Mahmoud around and hopefully make him feel more comfortable in America.

After the dinner out, Nicole brought her friends back to her apartment so that they could meet Mahmoud. Mahmoud had been sleeping, and so he didn't appreciate the surprise.

Mahmoud said he was trying to change but Nicole was doing "too much."

"I'm not American, and she needs to understand that," Mahmoud told the cameras.

Nicole poured alcoholic drinks for her friends to be a good host, and Mahmoud appeared surprised to see that Nicole had alcohol in her house. Nicole, however, just drank soda water in front of her husband as to not shock and disappoint him.

Mahmoud thought it was "nice" that Nicole's friends wanted to meet him, but he looked exhausted. The group acknowledged how how he looked very tired, but Nicole wasn't going to let him off the hook.

"You're a f-cking liar. Tell the truth," Nicole announced. "I can't hide my feelings anymore."

"We had a little fight in the morning," Mahmoud said.

"Just a little one in which you said you were going to get a divorce," Nicole snapped at her husband.

"I'm sorry, excuse me," Mahmoud said, before leaving the room.

Nicole then swore at her husband and called him "hateful," adding, "I don't even want to be near him."


Ashley and Manuel just landed in Newark and their energy was up.

Manuel looked forward to his family meeting his wife, and they hoped they would all have a nice relationship and get along. But first, the couple took in some sights and went out to eat.

Ashley could tell that Manuel was hangry, and she criticized him for acting like a child.

Once the pair got inside their hotel room, Ashley read some tarot cards in attempt to predict how her trip was going to play out. Ashley shared her predictions with Manuel, including how people weren't going to work together, but he just cared about finding some food.

"The Tarot is never wrong -- ever," Ashley noted, fearing her visit with Manuel's family was going to be chaotic and tense.

Once the couple got settled, they met up with one of Manuel's friends, Jonathan, at a restaurant.

During the meal, Ashley asked Jonathan why Manuel was on the phone all the time if he wasn't talking to his family or to Jonathan, and Manuel was annoyed that his wife didn't trust him. Manuel explained how he had a lot of friends to keep up with and check up on.

Jonathan denied that Manuel had been talking to his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his kids on the phone, but he was apparently keeping a secret.

Jonathan told the cameras how Manuel's ex-girlfriend was asking about him all the time.


Rob just met Sophie's childhood best friend named Callum. Sophie claimed she and Callum had just been friends forever, but Rob discovered that Callum was actually her ex-boyfriend from Ukraine.

Sophie didn't think her relationship with Callum was serious or long enough to be worth mentioning, but Rob disagreed and was really angry.

Sophie explained how she had dated Callum for about a month when she was 15-years-old, but Rob yelled at his wife for keeping things real with him and being honest.

Rob claimed he was trying to get along with Callum, but Sophie didn't believe him. Callum then interrupted the pair's conversation and explained how he and Sophie had just "messed around" a little as kids and it definitely wasn't a big deal.

Callum recalled kissing Sophie when they were just kids, but Rob asked Callum to leave the conversation. Sophie hugged Rob and apologized, admitting she hadn't thought about the situation from Rob's side.

Even though Sophie never slept with Callum, she recognized this situation was triggering for Rob since his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him. Rob thought Sophie was "trying to get one over" on him, but Sophie promised that wasn't the case.

Callum then told the cameras that if Sophie wanted to date him again, he "definitely wouldn't say no."

Rob decided to leave the gathering with Sophie's friends prematurely, and Sophie acknowledged how it hurt her to see Rob so upset.

In order to fix things with Rob, Sophie asked Callum for space, and she essentially threw their friendship away. Rob, however, noted how Sophie would have to make some type of grand gesture in order to win him back.

Sophie ultimately agreed to move back in with Rob, and she just hoped things would be good between them again. Sophie's decision made Rob feel wanted and loved, and so it was a big improvement in their relationship.

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