CBS has announced it will pay tribute to Bob Barker with a "The Price Is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker" special on Thursday night.

The legendary former "The Price is Right" host died Saturday at age 99.

Current "The Price Is Right" host Drew Carey hosts the special.

The special includes highlights of Barker's 35-year hosting career and animal activism.

Those highlights include Barker's first and final episodes, the introduction of fan-favorite game Plinko, celebrity appearances, contestants getting emotional when called to "come on down" and bloopers that Barker smoothed over.

Barker also appeared as himself in the Adam Sandler comedy "Happy Gilmore."

The special will include their 2007 reunion as Sandler read his poem "Ode to Bob Barker" to celebrate Barker's retirement.

The special will air again in "The Price Is Right's" daytime slot Monday at 11 a.m.