A California Highway Patrol officer's dashboard camera captured the moment a loose cow he was attempting to wrangle turned and attempted to throw him into the air.

Bruce Thuelchassaigne, a spokesman for the CHP's office in Susanville, said officer Brandon Pratt was attempting to convince the loose cow to leave a rural highway when the 2,000-pound animal turned to face him.

Thuelchassaigne told the Los Angeles Times that the cow "took offense" to Pratt's efforts and attempted to throw him into the air, but only managed to land a "glancing blow" on the officer's right shoulder.

The CHP shared Pratt's dashboard camera footage of the encounter on Facebook.

"This meat locomotive decided it had enough of being told what to do," the post said. "Fortunately, officer Pratt escaped relatively unscathed!"

Thuelchassaigne said Pratt's protective vest likely saved the officer from incurring any serious injuries from the cow's charge.

The spokesman said CHP officers are often called to remove loose cattle that wandered into roadways.

"Most times, the cows behave and go back through the fence, but every once in a while, you get one that has attitude," Thuelchassaigne said.