90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Mahmoud Sherbiny planning to divorce Nicole Sherbiny, Ashley Michelle accusing Manuel Velez of gaslighting her, Alexei Brovarnik fearing Loren Goldstone's major surgery, and Kobe Blaise standing up for Emily Bieberly during the Season 8 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s new season stars Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly, Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Goldstone, Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Sherbiny, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone, Ed Brown and Liz Woods, and Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem.

The cast also includes Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne, Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez, and Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda from the latest season of 90 Day Fiance.


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? features married couples trying to make their relationships work in America following the K-1 visa process, except for Liz and Ed, who began the season as engaged Americans.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cast will "continue to navigate the highs and lows in their relationships including everything from preparing for first impressions with the in-laws, to managing significant cultural differences, to working through turbulent family dynamics and more," according to TLC.

Below is what happened on Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s eighth season.


Gino and Jasmine were shown chasing walking Jasmine's dog Coco in a stroller and then chasing him in a park. Jasmine revealed to Gino how her mother had cancer but it was in a super early stage and she claimed to be okay.

Jasmine felt guilty that she couldn't be there for her mother in-person, but she was trying to stay positive and strong.

"The more time I spend in the United States, the more bad news I get. It's been a nightmare being separated from my children, and now I cannot help my mom. It just breaks my heart," Jasmine lamented to the cameras.

Gino said Jasmine was lucky because when his mother had cancer in 1977, she didn't have a chance with the lack of medications and ultimately passed away.

Jasmine admitted to her husband that she felt "depressed," but Gino said they should be celebrating her 37th birthday and have more faith and hope. With that being said, Gino suggested they could go on a vacation to get her mind off everything.

Jasmine's friend Leandro -- who was like a brother to Jasmine -- was living in Miami and had invited the couple to join him for a weekend, and so Jasmine said it would be nice to visit him and give him a big hug. Gino also liked the idea of spending more time with Leandro.

Gino and Jasmine then flew to Miami, and Jasmine was so happy to reunite with her close friend and see the nice place he was renting, which had a pool.

Leandro poured wine for the couple and gave Jasmine a few cupcakes for her birthday, and Jasmine wished for her children to be back in her life and for her mother to be cancer free. Jasmine wished she could have celebrated her birthday with her kids.

"How can I have a child with Gino if I feel like I'm abandoning my own children?" Jasmine asked the cameras.


Mahmoud was wandering down a busy street because he said he couldn't take being with Nicole anymore. Nicole's friend had to chase him down and beg him to return to Nicole's place.

This was the second time Nicole had asked him to leave, and so Mahmoud thought she meant it this time. Mahmoud was looking for a place to stay that night because he didn't want to sleep with Nicole.

Nicole admitted she was embarrassed by the whole fight.

"Though I love Mahmoud dearly, I'm furious because for the past four years, I've done nothing but try as hard as I can to make this work. I traveled to Egypt I don't even know how many times... So when Mahmoud packed his bags to go... I'm really angry at him," Nicole explained.


Nicole, however, was also mad at herself for escalating the fight once she returned home from a restaurant with her friends. She allowed the drama to persist when she could have nipped it in the bud and just had a fun night with her husband and pals.

Nicole then called Mahmoud on the phone, and he informed his wife that he'd be staying in a hotel that night. It was a chaotic night, and Nicole didn't know where Mahmoud was going to go.

"He's never been outside of Egypt, so I'm worried about him. But I'm still mad. I'm feeling disrespected, and I'm feeling like I don't know what the future holds for us at this point," Nicole explained in a confessional.

A 90 Day Fiance producer then drove Mahmoud to a nearby hotel in Los Angeles, and Mahmoud complained about how Nicole had changed and love didn't seem to be enough to make his marriage work.

"Somehow I think it's over now," Mahmoud confessed to the cameras while being driven to the hotel.

After staying the night in a hotel, Mahmoud wondered if Nicole still loved him. Mahmoud felt hurt and didn't like how Nicole had acted, but he said he still wanted to fix things with her.

Mahmoud called Nicole on the phone, and it was clear that they were both sad and upset. Nicole said Mahmoud had done nothing but cause problems for her since he arrived to America, including putting $300 on Nicole's credit card for the hotel room.

"You didn't tell me, you just did it," Nicole vented.

Mahmoud claimed his own credit card didn't work at the hotel and he'd pay her back. Nicole said Mahmoud had caused her problems for years, and so he offered to pack up his stuff and leave.

"I wanted to be together, but I changed my mind when she said sh-t about me," Mahmoud explained to the cameras.

"I'm here trying to accept her life and give myself a chance to be here, but if she feels like... she can't stand me or doesn't like me, there's no way we will be together. That's it."

Nicole was expecting Mahmoud to return to her apartment, where they could hopefully have a conversation about what happened. She still loved her husband, even though he had upset and disappointed her.

When Mahmoud showed up, he went right to his suitcase, and Nicole accused him of having a bad attitude. She wondered if Mahmoud hated her and just wanted to go back to Egypt no matter what.

When the couple bickered about what had gone down the night prior, Nicole pointed out how he was the one who brought up a divorce multiple times.

"Yes, and I still want that," Mahmoud said.

"Then go. Go!" Nicole countered.

Mahmoud claimed his relationship was over and he was going to leave the United States. Mahmoud said while he loved Nicole, he couldn't take anymore from her. He felt alone and confused, unsure of his next step.


Emily had just stormed off from Kobe and his friends at a club because they didn't approve of her personality and behavior as a wife.

Emily had been hoping to get to know Kobe's friends better, but she was upset because they had interrupted her in conversation and spoke over her. Kobe's friends thought Emily was bossy, but she was trying to prove that she was a great partner for Kobe.

Kobe comforted Emily and explained how his friends just thought like typical "African men" and everyone was allowed to express themselves.

Emily insisted to Kobe that she made him happy and so his friends were wrong about her.


Regardless, Kobe begged Emily to rejoin the gathering and put on a good face for his friends. He wanted to have a fun night and see everyone get along.

"I feel like Kobe's friends are trying to sabotage our relationship," Emily complained in a confessional. "But they're very important to my husband, and I ultimately want them at our wedding... I want them to accept me and our marriage... so that we can all be happy."

Kobe's friends told Emily that when an African man speaks in Cameroon, a lady stays quiet and listens. Emily explained how she's from a different culture and didn't have to adhere to those social norms, and she just wanted to feel like she was good enough for Kobe.

Kobe could tell that Emily and his friends were getting nowhere, and so he shut down the conversation and told his friends not to attend his wedding. Kobe's friends asked him not to get angry, but Kobe took his wife's side in the matter and left them all behind at the club.


Ashley and Manuel were headed to meet some of Manuel's family in Newark, NJ, and Ashley was admittedly feeling a little nervous and anxious. Ashley didn't know what to expect -- or what Manuel's family knew about her -- since Manuel tended to be "secretive" in their marriage.

Manuel just didn't want Ashley to call herself "a witch" in front of his relatives. Manuel didn't think his family would take it the right way, but Ashley asked her husband not to control her.

"Manuel is asking me to downplay my job, my witchiness, and aspects of who I am," Ashley complained. "This is not the way you treat your wife. Stop telling me who to be and how to be."

Ashley said it wasn't Manuel's place to tell her what to say or what not to say, and she admitted that when boundaries or parameters are placed around her, she wants to break free of them.

Manuel, however, insisted he wasn't trying to control Ashley and that he just wanted his family to like his wife and not judge her.

Manuel then introduced Ashley to his Uncle Leopoldo at a restaurant in Newark. Manuel looked up to his uncle and hadn't seen him in about five or six years. Ashley told Manuel's uncle how she wanted to become a bigger part of his family.

Leopoldo brought up the Bible during the gathering, and Ashley found that to be "a lot" considering they had just met. Ashley viewed the Bible as "a learning tool" rather than "words to live by," but she smiled and nodded as to not disrespect her elder.

Ashley shared how she worked in spirituality, using astrology and Tarot, among other things. Leopoldo admitted he didn't believe in that and how he believed in God and the Virgin Mary.

Ashley confirmed that she believed in God but her beliefs were a little different from his. Leopoldo said he accepted Ashley as his niece but he didn't believe in her line of work.

Later on, Ashley and Manuel met up with Ashley's friend Erin, who also worked in the spiritual space -- but in "the galactic realm." Erin brought up alleged UFO sightings in Ecuador, and Manuel replied, "Yes, I know that... That's what I heard."

Erin went on to channel "light language" and give the pair energy to release fear and traumas in their lives. Erin conducted a session with the couple right in the bar, speaking in a different language, and Manuel wasn't buying it.

Erin told the couple that they were attracted on a soul level but there was a red flag -- communication and not being fully forthcoming. Erin told the pair that they needed to stabilize trust and release old problems.

Manuel said he was already working on that, adding how Ashley was the one who didn't trust him and he didn't understand why.

"I'm always honest. I'm always transparent with her," Manuel claimed. "I trust her 100%, but she doesn't do the same [for me]. The fault isn't mine, it's hers."

"I'm going to scream!" Ashley shouted, before telling Manuel that he was speaking straight out of his ass.

Ashley told Manuel that he had her trust, but he disagreed. Ashley claimed Manuel struggled to be honest and open with her, and she wanted him to "man up" and take responsibility for himself and his mistakes.

Ashley accused her husband of creating a false narrative about her and turning the situation around.

"Assh-le!" Ashley concluded, walking out of the restaurant alone.


Patrick and Thais had just arrived in Brazil, and Patrick's father Jose came by to visit to meet the couple's daughter Aleesi. Thais, however, wasn't expecting company.

Patrick's parents divorced when he was seven-years-old and then his father moved to a different country, and so Patrick didn't get to spend a lot of time with him growing up. Patrick was therefore making up for lost time, and he was closer with his dad than ever before.

Thais wasn't exactly thrilled with Jose because he owned their apartment and allegedly raised their rent all the time. Thais also claimed that Jose always asked for more money to fix or change things about the apartment, which she didn't think was her responsibility.

Patrick said he didn't mind helping out at all, but the situation clearly annoyed Thais. Thais could tell that Patrick, who had "a really big heart," was just desperate for love and affection from his father, who never gave much in return.

"I'm just worried that Patrick will get hurt," Thais shared with the cameras.

Thais was clearly wary of Patrick's dad and thought he had "selfish intentions" and wanted a lot of favors, but Patrick insisted that his father didn't have money and he enjoyed helping him out and spending time with him.

ED and LIZ

Ed said after his "taco pasta" fight with Liz, he knew deep down in his core that his relationship with Liz was "never going to work." Ed had called off his wedding as a result, and he acknowledged that his decision probably caught Liz off-guard.

Ed thought he owed Liz a face-to-face conversation, and so the pair met up at a bar to talk.

Ed said he couldn't plan something that he knew was going to fail. He thought he had put his best effort into the relationship by buying his fiancee a house and paying for everything.

"She treats me like sh-t, and no man would stand for that. I can't imagine starting off a marriage on two wrong feet," Ed explained in a confessional.

Ed said, at his age, he realized life was short and he simply couldn't marry Liz and hope to spend the rest of his life with her.

Liz called Ed on the phone and said meeting at the Boar's Nest, a bar, was not a healthy place to have a serious conversation. Ed told Liz that she sounded like his mother.

Liz said she didn't want this relationship to be over because she had put all of her eggs into one basket by moving to Arkansas for Ed. She had also worked very hard to save this relationship.

"You already know how I feel. I do not want to move forward with this marriage, and I already got my deposit back," Ed told Liz over the phone.

"If you want to have this conversation at a bar last minute and you expect me to bring my kid with me, this isn't okay," Liz snapped.

Ed told Liz that he'd meet her anywhere, because it didn't matter to him, and that he just wanted their relationship to be over.


Loren's drastic mommy makeover was only one day away, and she felt totally committed to the surgery.

"But you can cancel," Alexei said.

Loren, however, was excited to go under the knife and have a physical transformation, although she was admittedly nervous and wondered if she was going to end up with scars from the liposuction.

Alexei tried to be supportive of his wife, but he feared taking care of three children without Loren's help around the house. Alexei was "going to have a lot on his plate" with his job and household chores, according to Loren, and so she just hoped he wouldn't grow to resent her.

Loren said Alexei had never done a load of laundry before and so he was probably going to be shocked by her duties as a stay-at-home mother.

Loren was then shown having her last pre-op appointment with her surgeon. Loren was told that her procedure -- which included a tummy tuck and fat transplants into her breasts -- was going to last about five hours.

Loren was going to have drains that she'd need to empty ever four-to-six hours for one week, and Alexei asked about any potential complications. The surgeon told Loren that she could pop a blood vessel or suture with too much movement or weight-bearing activities.

Alexei got stressed out hearing all of this information, and he suddenly realized this surgery was a lot more serious than he thought. But Loren was very set on having the plastic surgery, and so he decided to just go along for the ride.

"Going into the surgery tomorrow, I really need Alex to be my rock," Loren told the cameras.


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