American Idol eliminated Blake Proehl, Elleigh Marie, Haley Mia, and KBlocks, which determined the show's Top 20 contestants for Season 22 during the three-hour episode that aired Sunday night on ABC.

After nearly 30 million votes were cast for the Top 24 contestants, Blake Proehl, Elleigh Marie, Haley Mia, and KBlocks were eliminated from American Idol during Sunday night's performance show.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest did not call those four contestants -- Blake, Elleigh, Haley and KBlocks -- to perform onstage for home viewer votes, resulting in their ouster from the reality singing competition.

American Idol's Top 20 contestants, who survived the vote, were asked to perform one by one throughout the evening in the hope of securing enough votes to make the show's Top 14 contestants, who will be unveiled on Monday, April 15.

American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie provided feedback and commentary at the end of each Top 20 performance.

Jack Blocker, a 25–year-old graphic designer from Dallas, TX, kicked off the night with a performance of "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" by Jim Croce.

"You prove me wrong time and time again," Lionel said. "We started off so wrong in the beginning, I apologize. That is the perfect song. And what I love the most is your personality is now coming out."

Mia Matthews, a 19-year-old singer from Centre, AL, sang "Wild Flowers and Wild Horses" by Lainey Wilson.

Katy shared, "Not to sound corny, but I think you found your roar. The way you looked at the camera and looked straight into our eyes, you've got a lot less fear and that's what's going to take you all the way to the top."

Mackenzie Sol, a 23-year-old content creator from Las Vegas, NV, performed "I'll Never Love Again" by Lady Gaga.

"I wanted a little bit more enunciation," Katy told the singer, "and just don't forget to have fun with it, like you've done this whole time."

Roman Collins, a 24-year-old worship leader from Long Beach, CA, took the stage with "Never Would Have Made It" by Marvin Sapp.

"God has a plan for you," Lionel said.
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Katy shared how the performance made her "a believer again," and Luke added, "It was one of the most powerful things I've ever seen on this show."

Kennedy Reid, a 23-year-old mortician from New Albany, IN, performed "Love Can Build a Bridge" by The Judds.

"It's taken us a lot of years to learn how to shrug that [criticism] off, and you got a dose of that. You're going to prove everybody wrong the rest of your life," Luke said.

Ajii, a 27-year-old who works in nursing home security from Brooklyn, NY, sang "Like a Stone" by Audioslaw.

"I really love the song choices that you pick. They show the artist that you want to be, and I love that you're pushing your vocals and you have the confidence to do it," Katy noted.

Jennifer Jeffries, an 18-year-old college student from Starkville, MS, took the stage with "Grave Digger" by Matt Maeson.

"What you have is a style, and that's more important than being a singer -- because I know what you sound like. You have that thing that's identifiable to only you... Embrace it. Don't be afraid of it," Lionel said.

Emmy Russell, a 25-year-old songwriter from Nashville, TN, performed her own original song called "Want You" by Emmy Russell.

"That was one of my favorite original songs that you sang. I know you were just a little nervous. I just want more breath, more long notes. Girl, go swimming and learn how to hold your breath more... We need power, and the time is now!" Katy shouted.

Triston Harper, a 15-year-old high school student from McIntosh, AL, also sang an original song titled "H-O-P-E" by Triston Harper.

"How do you get that much talent in a 15-year-old? It's truly remarkable watching you. I believe this is what you'll do the rest of your life," Luke said, adding, "I think you'll be doing this forever."

Odell Bunton Jr., a 29-year-old who works in airport security from Austin, TX, sang "The Door" by Teddy Swims.

"You weren't just singing to be singing," Lionel announced.

"You were singing for [your] kids and that family of yours... I think in case everything goes wrong, we can open a church! Forget about everything else. You have the ability to move people, and that's everything."

Kayko, a 23-year-old songwriter and producer from Fort Lauderdale, FL, took the stage with an original song titled "Over You" by Kayko.

Katy appeared shocked and said, "You're going to be a mega star! I'm excited for the next five years of your life! I'm going to go see you on tour, and it might be a world tour coming back with Kayko!" Katy gushed.

Jordan Anthony, a 19-year-old artist from Perth, Australia, performed "When the Party's Over" by Billie Eilish.

"It was full of moments and tenderness and bigness, and I think it was definitely one of your best performances I've seen you do," Luke said.

Quintavious, a 22-year-old vocal coach and worship leader from Franklin, TN, belted out "Hollow" by Tori Kelly.

"What is going on?! You are electric! You walk out onstage like the quiet boy, and then you explode and all of a sudden, we're sitting here going, 'What the heck?' That was amazing," Lionel gushed.

Kaibrienne, a 20-year-old B&B host from Henefer, UT, sang an original song titled "Girl I am Now" by Kaibrienne.

"I think it's kind of boring when somebody's perfect... We all relate to this, and there was humanity in that performance," Katy shared. "Don't worry about falling apart in front of our eyes. I think American Idol is a safe place to fall apart."

Nya, a 28-year-old Broadway performer from Manhattan, NY, performed "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles.

"That was an undeniable performance. It was incredible," Lionel said, before Katy compared her to Jennifer Hudson.

Jayna Elise, a 22-year-old performer from Washington, D.C., belted out her own version of "My All" by Mariah Carey.

"You planted this seed years ago. You've been watering it and nurturing it, and you've been growing your own beautiful talent," Katy declared.

"Every time you sing a song, you sing it the Jayna way, and it's totally authentically you. You deserve this, and I am so happy America voted for you."

Abi Carter, a 21-year-old musician from Indio, CA, then took the stage with "Welcome to the Black Parade" by Chemical Romance.

"Sometimes we have contestants competing on this show and it feels like we're at their concert. That felt like we were at your concert," Luke noted.

"It showed me a glimpse into a big bright future for you... I've been wanting you to find that magic, and you just found it -- and then some, just then."

Will Moseley, a 23-year-old musician from Hazlehurst, GA, performed "Makin' Me Look Good Again" by Drake White.

"Hey, I think you'll be in the finale," Luke announced, before Lionel pointed out how the rest of the singer's career is going to be "magical."

McKenna Faith Breinholt, a 25-year-old esthetician from Gilbert, AZ, sang "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell.

"I've heard that song probably 100 times, and tonight was the night it landed for me," Katy admitted.

"I felt it, I understood it as an adult. I was like, 'Whoa, that depth!' And you pushed at the right moment... You are just such a pro, and you belong in the Top 20."

And finally, Julia Gagnon, a 22-year-old college student from Cumberland, ME, brought the house down with "I Believe" by Fantasia.

"You weren't believing in yourself in the auditions, and you've come so far gaining the confidence to stand up here and do this," Luke said.

"Anything can happen if you believe. This is your time in life," Lionel added.
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