Police in Washington state rescued an unusual visitor to the state -- a Guadalupe fur seal -- from a fishing net on a local beach.

Witness Steve Hill captured video Monday morning on a city beach when Sgt. Kyle Watson and Officer Chris Elia responded to a call about a distressed seal.

Watson ended up deciding to cut through the net with a knife instead of waiting for wildlife officials.

"He was a mess," Watson told KING-TV of the seal.

"I figured if the animal went back in the water, it was going to die," Watson said. "There's no way it's going to keep surviving in the water the way it has been."

Watson said he didn't want to see the animal suffer.

"We all get caught up in stuff like that," Watson said. "I just hope there's somebody there to cut me loose if I need to."

Wildlife officials said Guadalupe fur seal are rare sights in the northwest, as they are generally found sticking to the waters off the coast of Mexico.