Following the announcement he was leaving the show he has shared with Kelly Ripa for years, Regis Philbin said in Miami he is making a change, not retiring.

The 79-year-old Philbin, who is leaving the show after 28 years and holds a Guinness world record for the most hours of live TV programming by an individual, said retirement is not in the cards, The Hollywood Reporter said Wednesday.

At the National Association of Television Program Executives convention Philbin said although he wouldn't rule anything out, he didn't think he would do another daily television show because doing one "just got to be a grind."

What does he want to do right now?

"Regis wants to relax a little bit," he said using the third person.

Regis said he hasn't decided if he will finish up the show at the end of August or in November, saying ABC would prefer an ending during the November sweeps, The Hollywood Reporter said.