Park rangers in Colorado are offering a reward for information about a graffiti promposal spray-painted on rocks at the Colorado National Monument.

U.S. Park Ranger Frank Hayde said officials are asking the public for information about the amorous messages apparently painted on the rocks by a teenager in late May.

Hayde said officials are offering a reward for information about the vandalism, but rangers are hoping the guilty party will come forward.

"The maximum penalty for this is six months in jail and or a $5,000. But we would certainly be willing to be much more lenient than that if this person would come forward," Hayde told KKCO/KJCT.

The official Colorado National Monument page on Facebook shared photos of the graffiti, which included the message "prom... ise?"

"I promise to love you forever + always," a second message reads.

A third spray-painted message says: "You're perfect to me."

Hayde said officials are working on a plan to remove the graffiti without damaging the rocks or any historic paintings that might be in contact with the spray paint.