A British man who won a nearly $325,000 lottery jackpot said he kept his windfall a secret from his wife for two days so he could surprise her on her day off.

Tim Carson, 49, of Chemsford, England, said his dog was the only one he confided in after winning a $324,122 jackpot from the Health Lottery's Mega Raffle.

"I've been walking our dog Harley a lot these past two days, to refrain from speaking to anyone and spoiling the surprise. Harley was the only one who knew about the money," he told Health Lottery officials.

Carson said he waited two days to tell his wife, Alison, so he could surprise her on her day off with his plans to buy a new house.

"We always said that we would buy a house if we won money with the lottery. So this is my present to Alison as she has kept us both going. I am eternally grateful for her support since I retired," he said.

Alison Carson said she was shocked when her husband broke the news.

"I can't believe Tim managed to keep this a secret for two days. It's truly the best news ever. I'm so excited," she said.