A 59-year-old Italian weightlifter broke a Guinness World Record by holding a 220.46-pound deadlift for 6 minutes, 3 seconds.

Marcello Ferri, who holds multiple Guinness records for weightlifting, attempted the record for longest duration deadlift with a 220.46-pound weight in his hometown of Pesaro, Italy, and he was able to hold the weight in the deadlift position for the mark.

Ferri first broke the record in 2019, with a time of 2 minutes, 7.45 seconds, and he broke it a second time in February 2020, when he held the position for 3 minutes, 42.37 seconds.

The weightlifter said his training involved a lot of physical exercise, but also a lot of mental preparation.

"Six minutes is not only a physical endeavor, but a mental one, too. If you're not [focused] all the time, your hands weaken and then open up," Ferri said.

Ferri said he now set his sights on two more records: the heaviest weight lifted with the toes and the most weight lifted by dumbbell rows in one minute with one arm.