Production is to begin in 2019 on a TV show based on the Halo sci-fi military videogame franchise.

"We're thrilled to share that @Showtime has announced details on a brand-new television series based on the Halo universe, in partnership with @amblin!" the cable network tweeted Thursday.

"Showtime brings its powerful legacy of experience in building stories for premium cable and together with Amblin Television and legendary storyteller Steven Spielberg, have been gracious partners in helping put together the right creative team to bring Halo to television," Kiki Wolfkill -- speaking on behalf of the videogame producer 343 Industries -- said in a statement.

"We are thrilled to have experienced showrunner Kyle Killen and blockbuster director Rupert Wyatt on board, both of whom bring their own flavor of vision, intelligence, and voice to Halo. We couldn't have asked for a stronger or more passionate team to collaborate with."

She added: "As we think about what it means to bring videogame franchises to movie or TV -- the biggest challenge can often be finding the right balance between moments fans have already experienced and moments that have yet to be experienced through a different medium, perspective, or creative lens."

"We are excited to navigate these creative waters to bring you something that is both respectful of what you already know and love, but also new and surprising and enthralling."

No casting for the live-action, future-set project has been announced yet.

Season 1 will consist of 10, hourlong episodes, reported.

Photo credit: Halo / Twitter