The former manager of a South Carolina hotel is trying to reunite a photo album left behind at the facility about a decade ago with an album of photos from a hiking trip in Maine.

Nicole Ortiz said she managed the InTown Suites hotel in North Charleston, S.C., from 2007 until 2012, and during that time a guest left behind an album of photos showing a hiking trip in Maine and a motorcycle ride in Colorado.

Ortiz said she isn't sure what year the man stayed at the hotel, but it was about a decade ago.

She said the hotel's policy was to keep left-behind property for 30 days, but she decided to hang onto the album in the hopes of eventually finding its owner. The album ended up in her attic, where she recently rediscovered it and renewed her efforts to find the owner.

"If you guys can help me find the owner of this album I'd love to give him his precious memories that he mistakenly left behind so many years ago," Ortiz wrote in a Facebook post.