A quick-thinking maintenance supervisor at a Missouri apartment complex jumped to the rescue of a dog that was flung into the air by an elevator.

Brian Ussery, who works for the Springfield apartment complex and shared security camera footage of the incident on Facebook, was in a building lobby Wednesday when a person boarded an elevator without realizing his dog did not get on with him.

The dog's leash was closed in the door and the canine was flung into the air when the elevator began to move. The dog fell to the ground and Ussery reached it just as it was beginning to rise into the air again.

Ussery was able to break the leash and free the dog, which was not injured.

"I would hate to know what would have happened if I wasn't able to break that leash before she got to the top again," he told WGN-TV.

Ussery said the dog's owner was relieved and grateful when reunited with his pet.

"The guy was freaking out. He didn't know what he was going to come back to," he said.