A replica of the Zippin Pippin, Elvis Presley's favorite roller coaster, is being built at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Wisconsin, it has been announced.

The original wooden coaster, which was 63 feet tall and stretched out 740 feet, was shut down in Memphis because of real estate development, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said.

It is being rebuilt in Green Bay, Wis., and is slated to open to the public May 7.

The city bought the Zippin Pippin design and naming rights for $10,000 and builders will likely use some of the original wood for signs and a ticket booth, the report said. The ride will be built using all new materials, however.

Presley rented out the Memphis amusement park where the Zippin Pippin was originally located so he and his entourage could enjoy the ride as often as they wanted. He is said to have done this for the last time just eight days before his 1977 death, the Sentinel said.