Amy Wadge, who co-wrote Song of the Year "Thinking Out Loud" with Ed Sheeran, expressed her pride over the duo's Grammy win after being cut off from the award show mic.

The songwriter attended the awards ceremony in Los Angeles Monday night alongside Sheeran and walked to the stage with her friend to accept their award from Stevie Wonder.

First, Sheeran shared a brief anecdote about the song, which they wrote "on a couch in my house after having dinner -- quite odd," and turned over the mic to Wadge before it was cut. In response, the crowd at the Staples Center booed before the next musical performance began.

In good spirits, Wadge expressed her happiness over the win on Twitter.

"Oh my god I am so so happy right now and so damn proud of @edsheeran we won song of the year woo !!!" Wadge wrote.

After their win, Wadge said backstage she felt "amazing." Sheeran soon after insisted she give her acceptance speech in front of the camera, during which she graciously thanked Sheeran, her friend of eight years, and her husband.