A farm in Oregon is drawing attention from passersby due to the unusual animal they have guarding their herd of goats -- a zebra.

Zinfandel, the black and white striped equine owned by Norman and Rosalinda Vizina, has become the subject of fascination by locals who posted photos they snapped of the zebra protecting her goat herd at the farm west of Lebanon.

The Vizinas said Zinfandel protects the goats just as fiercely as a dog or llama would.

"She guards the goats," Norman Vizina told the Albany Democrat-Herald. "She's extremely protective of them."

He said the 10-year-old zebra, nicknamed Lady Zin, has been with the couple since she was only 10 days old.

"She used to sit on my lap and I would bottle feed her," Vizina said.

He said the zebra's career as a goat protector came about as the result of a bet.

"My wife and a neighbor had a bet about who could find and buy a zebra first," Vizina said. "My wife won. She got rid of her motorcycle and got a four-legged zebra. We love her. I love watching her run in the fields."

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The couple said they are aware of Lady Zin's popularity with locals.

"People stop every day and take pictures of her," Vizina said. "Probably two or three times a day people drive up and ask if they can get a closer look at her."