Survivor featured the Siga Tribe voting out and blindsiding Jemila "Jem" Hussain-Adams with a hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket at Tribal Council during the Season 46 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

The Siga Tribe voted out Jem, a 32-year-old international brand mentor from Berbice, Guyana who currently resides in Chicago, IL, through a 4-2 vote on Night 11 of the game at Tribal Council instead of Ben Katzman, a 31-year-old musician from Miami, FL.


"The dumbest move with an idol in my pocket," Jem vented in her final words.

"Honestly, I did not expect this. This is a total blindside tonight, but it was really fun for me. I love that I planted a Beware Advantage and got them digging for three days. So, I mean, it serves them right! They voted me out!"

The Survivor broadcast began at Yanu's camp at Night 9 following Bhanu Gopal's elimination. The tribe thought Bhanu was a great person, but they didn't think he was a good Survivor player -- and they didn't have time to teach him how to play the game.

The Yanu Tribe only had three castaways left: Kenzie Petty, a 29-year-old salon owner from Gibraltar, MI who currently resides in Charlotte, NC; Q Burdette, a 29-year-old real estate agent from Senatobia, MS who currently resides in Memphis, TN; and Tiffany Nicole Ervin, a 33-year-old artist from Franklin Township, NJ who currently resides in Elizabeth, NJ.

Tiffany said she felt really good with her remaining tribemates and that Kenzie and Q were her closest allies, but the tribe was starving and exhausted. They were going on 10 days without fire, which Kenzie thought was a Survivor record.

Over at Siga's camp on Day 10, the tribe was trying to find shelter from the rain.

The Siga Tribe was comprised of Jem; Ben; Charlie Davis, a 26-year-old law student from Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA who currently resides in Boston, MA; Maria Shrime Gonzalez, a 48-year-old parent coach from Dallas, TX; Moriah Gaynor, a 28-year-old program coordinator from Boca Raton, FL who currently resides in San Diego, CA; and Tim Spicer, a 31-year-old college coach from Arlington, VA who currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

The women could tell that Ben, who was very charismatic and likeable, was trying to rope Charlie in with him, and Moriah said she trusted Jem, Maria and Charlie. Ben working his magic on Charlie worried the ladies, and so they determined that Ben needed to go.

The women worried that Tim or Ben had a hidden Immunity Idol, but Jem had already found a Beware Advantage that was going to lead her to the idol. Jem therefore felt confident either Ben or Tim was going to go next.

Charlia's No. 1 ally was Maria, and he thought they were both in control and sitting pretty between Ben and Tim vs. Jem and Moriah.
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Meanwhile, Survivor castaways in the Nami Tribe were looking for a hidden Immunity Idol.

The Nami Tribe was comprised of Tevin Davis, a 24-year-old actor from Goochland, VA who currently resides in Richmond, VA; Hunter McKnight, a 28-year-old science teacher from French Camp, MS; Liz Wilcox, a 35-year-old marketing strategist from Luther, MI who currently resides in Orlando, FL; Soda Thompson, a 27-year-old special education teacher from Long Island, NY who currently resides in Lake Hopatcong, NJ; and Venus Vafa, a 24-year-old data analyst from Hill, Ontario who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Liz, however, wasn't searching for an idol because she joked about how she could barely find her shoes.

Venus was well aware Randen had previously found an idol and so it was probably placed back in the game. Venus kept following Hunter around as he looked for an idol, which made Hunter pause his search.

Hunter told the Survivor cameras that he didn't want to find an idol or advantage with Venus in his presence, and he just hoped she'd leave him alone.

Once Venus walked away, Hunter sighted a Beware Advantage, and he was instructed to dig underneath that spot. Hunter dug up a box and learned how he wouldn't be able to retrieve the key to open it until his tribe lost an Immunity Challenge. In the meantime, he was going to lose his vote at Tribal Council.

But there was a clause that read Hunter would have another opportunity to open the box if his tribe managed to keep winning immunity.

On Day 10, Q was considering quitting Survivor after a long and cold night in the rain at Yanu's camp. Kenzie told the Survivor cameras that if someone was going to give up and go home, it'd bring her one step closer to the end.

Q, however, clarified in a Survivor confessional how he wasn't going to quit and he just wanted Kenzie to feel comfortable so that she wouldn't play her "Shot in the Dark" at Tribal Council.

Tiffany was in the middle of Q and Kenzie, revealing in a Survivor confessional how both of her allies wanted her to vote with them. Tiffany therefore hoped they could win the next Immunity Challenge so she wouldn't need to make that decision and draw a line in the sand.

Meanwhile, the Siga Tribe had suspects because someone had planted a fake Beware Advantage at a tree. Tim didn't trust Jem and thought she was fooling everyone, but Jem denied having an idol and acted like she thought she was on the bottom.

"I'm a fantastic liar!" Jem bragged to the Survivor cameras. "Ben and Tim think they're running the show, but the girls have the control, which is great!... It's better them than me!"

On Day 11, the three tribes met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the next Immunity Challenge.

Jeff instructed each tribe to, one at a time, race through a massive, three-level obstacle course, collecting three keys along the way. One person from each tribe would use those keys to unlock a long hook, which would then be used to release sandbags.

Each tribe, finally, would race to hit a series of targets by using a slingshot to launch the sandbags.

The first two tribes to finish would receive immunity and be safe from the next vote. They were also playing for Reward in the form of pastries and fruit. The first-place tribe would receive a larger platter of food than the second-place tribe.

The losing tribe would attend Tribal Council, vote a member off, and lose their flint.

Jeff then announced how Yanu had established a new Survivor record, which was surviving 11 days without a flint. If they lost the next challenge, they'd hold a second record for the most immunity losses in a season in the new era.

Nami sat out Soda and Liz, and Siga sat out Moriah, Charlie and Ben to even up the numbers.

In the end, the Nami Tribe finished in first place, and then Q knocked down his final target, giving Yanu their first immunity win of the season.

The Siga Tribe would be attending Tribal Council for the first time as a result, and the Yanu tribe celebrated their victory and finally experienced what it felt like to win.

Jeff then revealed it was time for another journey. Nami got to select one castaway from each tribe to go, and Hunter volunteered himself. Tim volunteered from Siga, and Q volunteered for Yanu.

"We've been 'the Vibe Tribe' for the whole first 11 days, but the thing about vibes is they can go from good to bad, and it's just terrifying... Everyone's got the feeling of dread all over their body," Charlie told the Survivor cameras.

Hunter, Tim and Q talked about sticking together come the merge since they were going to be viewed as physical threats.

Q suggested they each find one person to trust and work with, which would bring them to the Final 6. Q declared how Tiffany would be his ally, and Tim shared how Maria would work with him. For Hunter, Tevin was apparently his boy.

The men then read that one of them would have the opportunity to win an advantage, but if they lost, they'd lose their vote at the next Tribal Council. It was a "Survivor Knowledge" test.

Tim, although he called himself a Super Fan, decided not to play the game because his vote was going to be super valuable at Tribal Council. Q also didn't want to play, but Hunter opted to give the task a try.

Hunter was asked to arrange a series of 20 Survivor logos in chronological order before an hourglass of sand ran out.

Hunter only got eight out of 20 correct, and so he lost his vote.

After Yanu was shown enjoying their Reward, Siga had to talk amongst themselves about how to proceed.

Moriah acknowledged how Maria had an extra vote from her journey and Ben may have had something from a journey also. Moriah was also terrified by Tim's journey and the mysterious "Beware Advantage" at camp.

Jem then announced how she wanted to go "idol hunting," and no one seemed to mind. Since her tribe had lost the challenge, Jem received her next clue: "Grab the tribe's machete and measure... perimeter of your tribe's boat, width of logo on your tribe flag, and perimeter of Tree Mail."

Once Jem collected all of her measurements, she had to put those numbers into a Survivor equation.

The equation was as follows:  "Boat times Logo plus Tree Mail equals the number of machete lengths from the spot where your Idol was buried towards the ocean and then dig."

Jem didn't know how she was going to get away from this, and how she was going to get everything done before Tribal Council.

Jem realized this was her "moment" and potential dream come true, and she ended up finding the key to unlock her box. Inside the box was a hidden Immunity Idol that was all hers.

"There is no way tonight that Ben or Tim is not going home!" Jem boasted to the Survivor cameras.

The women then discussed putting three votes on Ben and two votes on Tim, just in case an idol or advantage was going to be played. Maria was pretty confident that Tim had an idol, and so they figured Ben would go home.

Charlie, however, had become really good friends with Ben, and so this news really disappointed and deflated him.

"It sucks, but he's a really big threat," Charlie admitted, before sharing in a Survivor confessional, "But I want to keep him around because, ultimately, Ben is an asset."

Tim then returned from his journey, and Jem wasn't buying his story.

Jem cornered Ben looking for answers, which gave Ben the impression that Jem was gunning for him. Ben thought Jem was playing hard and might screw them down the road, but he didn't have a vote to work with.

Ben admitted Jem was making everyone "feel on edge," but there was nothing he could do about it other than campaign for her exit.

Charlie talked to Maria about how Ben would be a charismatic shield for them going forward, but Maria had a deeper amount of trust with Jem and Moriah than she had with Ben and Tim.

"Jem and Ben both have reasons to catch votes tonight," Charlie said in a Survivor confessional.

"Jem's playing really hard, making people be very wary of her. Ben's strength is his humor, but that's just as dangerous as it's fun to be around... It's all about Maria and I putting our cards on the table and not looking back."

At Tribal Council on Night 11, the tribe told Jeff that this vote was going to hurt them because the entire tribe gelled really well and even spent a day dancing salsa together. They had been living in a "Survivor La La Land" up to that point.

Charlie announced how Maria's Beware Advantage couldn't be found and had probably belonged to someone else first, and the tribe laughed about how they had spent days digging and looking for it.

Maria declared how everyone, deep down, knew whom they were going to vote for, even though they were claiming the choice was still up in the air.

Ben joked about how he'd be getting a Siga tattoo at home, even if his tribe voted them out that night.

"At the end of the day, we have to separate emotions and game," Maria told the Survivor host. "But it's very difficult to do."

Once it became time to vote, Ben had to return to his seat, but Maria could use her extra vote all the way until only six players remained in the game.

After no one played an advantage or idol, Jeff proceeded to tally the votes and read them aloud in the following order: Ben, Jem, Ben, Jem, Jem, and Jem.

Jem was therefore blindsided and voted out of Survivor 46 with an idol in her pocket.


The episode's closing credits later showed that Jem and Moriah voted to oust Ben from Survivor, while Charlie, Tim and Maria voted to oust Jem.

Ben didn't have a vote, but Maria had an extra vote and decided to cast two votes for Jem.


About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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