Residents of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said they do not know if they agree with a Web site's assertion that their city is the best for bald men to attract women.

ADVERTISEMENT, a dating site for singles more than 50 years of age, said Fort Lauderdale is the top spot for bald men to get amorous attention from ladies, but some hairless residents said they don't know if they agree with the distinction, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Monday.

"I think there are more women that don't like bald heads than those that do," said Marty Brown, 47, a bald Fort Lauderdale resident.

He said he has not seen much difference in the attention he gets from women since he started shaving his thinning hair.

Aaron Addisott, 33, a bald bartender at American Social, said he hasn't noticed any extra attention from women for his bald head, but he'll be on the lookout after hearing of the Web site's ranking.