A Washington, D.C., man said his 3-year-old failed to correctly guess his password and locked his iPad for more than 25 million minutes.

Evan Osnos, a writer for the New Yorker, tweeted a photo of his iPad lock screen, which told him the device had been locked for 25,536,442 minutes -- more than 48 years -- because his toddler had guessed too many incorrect passwords.

"Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it's our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?" Osnos tweeted last week.

Osnos followed up Tuesday to say he acted on advice from other Twitter users and put the tablet into Device Firmware Update mode, which allowed him to restore it from a previous state.

"Update on toddler-iPad-lock-out: Got it into DFU mode (don't hold down the sleep/power button too long or you end up in recovery). Now restoring. Thanks to those who shared advice!" he wrote.