"The Expanse" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 13.

Starring Steven Strait, Wes Chatham, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper and Frankie Adams, the sci-fi drama initially aired its first three season on the Syfy channel before Amazon picked it up for the fourth season.

Six minutes of footage from the new season was screened at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday.

A synopsis said the upcoming episodes begin "a new chapter for the series with the crew of the Rocinante on a mission from the U.N. to explore new worlds beyond the Ring Gate.

"Humanity has been given access to thousands of Earth-like planets which has created a land rush and furthered tensions between the opposing nations of Earth, Mars and the Belt."

Photo credit: The Expanse