The speaker of the Swedish Parliament said he will not limit Twitter use in the halls of the Riksdag, leaving the issue up to individual committees.

Speaker of the Riksdag Per Westerberg of the Moderate Party said the committees will each have to form a "gentleman's agreement" about Twitter use during meetings, the Swedish news agency TT reported Friday.

"I think ... it's a public opinion challenge to start setting rules that reduce insight into the work of the Riksdag," Westerberg said.

The move comes after a comment posted to Twitter by a Moderate Party lawmaker Thursday accused members of the center-left Social Democratic, Left and Green parties of negotiating with the far-right Sweden Democrats.

Carina Moberg, leader of the Social Democratic party, said she planned to raise the issue of sending Twitter messages during meetings with other party leaders "at the first best occasion."

"The important thing is that the committees discuss this amongst themselves. We don't need more rules, just common sense," she said.