Rap mogul Rick Ross is home from the hospital after a recent health scare.

Ross, 42, was released after four days and received further treatment at his house, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He reportedly had been rushed to a hospital after he fell unconscious and woke up "slobbing at the mouth."

Ross, who has a history of seizures, was treated in the medical facility's intensive care unit, but he has not confirmed what type of medical emergency sent him there.

"Ain't nothing like home," he wrote in an Instagram post Thursday. "I love y'all."

The message captioned a black-and-white photo of Ross with his back to the camera.

He is wearing a jacket that reads, "Black Bottle Boys" and has one hand on a concrete block wall. In the other hand is a bottle of a rose champagne he promotes.

TMZ said Ross left the hospital Monday and was spotted shopping with his family in the Miami area Friday.