Richard Madden said the cast of Game of Thrones deserve medals for how long they portrayed their characters on the HBO drama.

Madden, who portrayed Robb Stark for three seasons on Game of Thrones, made the comments during a back-and-fourth interview with Amy Adams published by Variety on Monday.

"It was such a hard thing to finish because from first pilot to my death was five years. But five years was a great time to be on the show. It helped me so much with my career and experience," Madden said to Adams.

"And then I was thankful to leave it. The actors on it now must be 11 years into playing these characters. Give these guys some medals, because that is a marathon," he continued.

Madden, who currently stars in television series Bodyguard and in Elton John biopic Rocketman, says he wants to continue to move away from portraying good guys.

"I'd like to explore things that are a bit not Romeo. I've spent 10 years playing different versions of Romeo, from Robb Stark to literally playing Romeo twice onstage," he said.

Game of Thrones wrapped up it's eighth and final season in May. Sophie Turner, who portrayed Sansa Stark, also spoke about leaving her character behind after portraying them for a number of years, comparing it to a death in the family.

"I've been trying to figure out what I like to do for myself. It's been 10 years of playing someone else, and doing what I'm told, and now I'm like 'Hmmm. Maybe I should find some hobbies," she said.