A Chicago eatery cooked up 75 pounds of Italian beef and spread it across 109 feet of bread to set a world record for the longest Italian beef sandwich.

Buona Beef gathered a team of volunteers at the Cornerstone Community Center in the Sheridan Park neighborhood to spread the beef across the 109-foot Turano bread and top it with sweet peppers.

John Gill, marketing director for Buona Beef, said the company decided to perform the record attemt at Cornerstone to highlight the center's outreach work with Chicago's homeless population.

"To have something special like an Italian beef sandwich would be awesome. When you can't go to a restaurant yourself, it's pretty exciting to have someone bring the restaurant to you," Andrew Winter, chief financial officer for Cornerstone Community Outreach, told WLS-TV.

Gill said Buona plans to seek certification for the world record.