The publisher of an Alaska newspaper said he is willing to give the entire operation away to a person or couple willing to relocate to the town and oversee the operation.

Larry Persily, owner of The Skagway News, said the he has been editing the paper remotely ever since his editor resigned, and he is now seeking a new editor to live in Skagway and take ownership of the paper.

"The only way this paper has a long-term future, and anything that I've ever seen that works with small town weeklies or bi-weeklies is where the small town editor owns, lives and are in the community," Persily wrote. "And that's what this needs."

Persily said he would be willing to turn the paper over without charge to a person or couple who either live in Skagway or would be willing to relocate.

The publisher purchased the newspaper in April for an undisclosed amount, but he said it was less than six figures.

Interested potential owner/editors are being asked to email Persily at