Police in Oregon credited a mysterious hero known only as "Anonymous Shopping Cart Guy" with stopping a fleeing a suspect by "sacrificing his groceries."

Portland Police said officers saw Jaye Lindsay, 26, jaywalking across a busy street Feb. 18 and nearly being struck by multiple vehicles.

Officers attempted to talk to Lindsay in the parking lot of a nearby Fred Meyer store, but the man allegedly attempted to evade police by fleeing into the store.

Security camera footage shared by police on Facebook shows officers chase Lindsay into the Fred Meyer.

Lindsay dodges multiple obstacles while running through the aisles, but falls to the ground after colliding with a shopping cart pushed into his path by an anonymous shopper.

Lindsay was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct in the second degree, interfering with a peace officer and a parole violation.

"The unidentified shopper retrieved his cart, picked up his groceries, and continued shopping. The officers wanted to thank him for sacrificing his groceries to stop a fleeing suspect," the post read. "Thank You Anonymous Shopping Cart Guy!"