A truck driver shared his story of discovering and salvaging an abandoned American flag on the side of a Nebraska highway.

Jake Gridley of Deer Park, Texas, spotted an abandoned American flag while driving through Nebraska and quickly turned his 18-wheeler around to salvage it. He then shared a photo of the flag to Facebook, along with a heartfelt story about what it meant to him.

"When I finally got the flag, I instantly thought of my wife, kids and grandkids and all the opportunities we've had, the choices we've made good or bad, but we had the freedom to choose our own adventure," he wrote.

He told ABC 13 Texas that he felt it was his responsibility to take care of the flag and that he was overwhelmed with positive feedback.

"It shows that the American spirit and the face of our country is still there," he said.

While one photo shows the flag hanging from Gridley's truck, he told media that he is still unsure what he will do with it.