Tom Holland and Chris Pratt voice two brothers who go on magical journey in the latest trailer for Disney and Pixar's upcoming animated adventure, Onward.

The clip, released on Thursday, features brothers Ian (Holland) and Barley (Pratt) being gifted a mysterious wizard staff from their deceased father on Ian's birthday.

The staff comes with instructions on how to bring their father back using a spell. Their first attempt only yields their father's legs.

Ian and Barley then travel the film's suburban fantasy world setting in search of way to bring the rest of their father back before the spell wears off in 24 hours. The father's legs are outfitted with clothes so that in can walk around in disguise.

Onward, from director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae -- the team behind Monsters University -- is set to hit theaters on March 6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer also provide voices.