Jake Gyllenhaal praised his "Spider-Man: Far From Home" co-star Tom Holland during an apperance on "The Tonight Show," stating that the actor does an amazing job as the Marvel superhero.

"He's awesome. He's the nicest guy in the world," Gyllenhaal said to host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday

"I'm super into him as Spider-Man," Gyllenhaal continued. "He's just amazing. He just is."

Gyllenhaal is set to star as classic Spider-Man foe Mysterio in "Far From Home, "which is set to arrive in theaters on July 5.

Mysterio is a special effects expert who uses his skills to commit crimes by creating illusions.

A trailer for "Far From Home" released in January, featured Mysterio coming into contact with Spider-Man in Europe as the villain started to battle a giant being made of water.

"The thing is, is like those are the actual green lasers that I shoot out of my hands," Gyllenhaal joked to Fallon about his apperance in the trailer.

"That's what I can do, and that's why they hired me."

Photo credit: Spider-Man: Homecoming/Instagram