An Arizona woman shared security camera footage of one of her dogs jumping into her backyard pool to rescue another canine who appeared to be drowning.

Laurie Becerra shared security footage showing Remus the dog running to the rescue of Becerra's other dog, Smokey, who she said isn't as strong of a swimmer.

The video shows Remus jumping into the water to give Smokey the boost he needs to get out of the water.

Becerra said her husband reviewed the security camera footage after noticing that Smokey was all wet. She said he called her after watching the video.

"He said Smokey fell in the water, and I just started crying when he said 'oh no, he's fine, you wouldn't believe what I just saw in the surveillance video,'" Becerra told KNXV-TV.

"Remus, he just has a heart of gold," Becerra said.