A fox sold to a Peruvian family by a vendor who told them the animal was a dog was captured by wildlife rescuers about six months after escaping from the home.

Maribel Sotelo said her family purchased their pet, named Run Run, from a street vendor who told them the animal was a Siberian husky puppy.

"He ate dog food, and when he was little he barked like a little dog," Sotelo told EFE.

Sotelo said Run Run was only about 2 months old when he escaped from the family's home in May, and neighbors soon complained they had spotted the pet attacking their chickens and other small animals.

The family realized Run Run was likely a fox and they alerted wildlife authorities that the animal was on the loose.

Peru's Serfor wildlife service said Run Run was successfully tranquilized Monday night and taken to the Parque de las Leyendas zoo to be examined by veterinarians.

Wildlife officials said Run Run will be cared for at the zoo until he is ready to be released into a suitable habitat.