A "horizontal skyscraper" in China opened up its first attraction to the public: a glass-bottom observation deck 820 feet over the ground.

The Crystal, a "horizontal skyscraper" that stretches across the tops of four of the eight skyscrapers that make up the Raffles City Chongqing complex, opened The Exploration Deck to the public this week as COVID-19 lockdown regulations were loosened.

The Crystal, which features aerial walkways connecting it to two other buildings in Raffles City, was designed by Moshe Safdie for the CapitaLand Group real estate organization.

The Exploration Deck, created in partnership with National Geographic, features exhibits based around space travel.

"The exhibition brings to life space exploration through five multi-dimensional exhibition zones at the Exploration Deck on Level 47, and showcases how mankind is making life possible on Mars," a representative for The Crystal told CNN.

The tour ends at an indoor park featuring a glass-bottom observation deck.

The Crystal is planned to eventually also include a members-only private club and a restaurant with a bar.