Britain's National Trust said it has updated its list of "50 things to do before you are 11 3/4" using recommendations from children.

The National Trust said it decided to update the list using suggestions from children shared on its website and social networking sites after discovering many children had completed the list -- which includes activities such as "climb a tree" and "track wild animals" -- well before the age of 11 3/4, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The 15 new activities added to the list include "go on a really long bike ride," "make a trail with sticks," "make a daisy chain," "create some wild art" and "play Pooh sticks," a game invented by children's character "Winnie the Pooh" involving dropping sticks from a bridge.

Other new activities include "jump over waves," "go on a walk barefoot," "go star gazing," "explore a cave," "hold a scary beast," "catch a falling leaf," "make a home for a wild animal," "go bird watching," "try rock climbing" and "learn to ride a horse."