Sony Pictures Television and Teleset say they are working on a small-screen adaptation of the hit U.S. drama "Breaking Bad" for Latin American audiences.

"Metastasis" will star Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco, Roberto Urbina as Walter's accomplice, Jose Miguel Rosas, and Sandra Reyes as Walter's wife, Cielo.

"Critics and audiences love 'Breaking Bad' and its original take on the drug-dealing business," Angelica Guerra, senior vice president and managing director of production for Latin America and U.S. Hispanic for SPT, said in a statement Monday.

"It is a very relevant story for all audiences, produced with the highest standards, in spectacular locations with the best talent in the region."

"'Metastasis' is masterfully complex and irresistibly compelling. We are sure the show can bring the audiences and acclaim garnered by the U.S. series to broadcasters in Latin America," said Alex Marin, senior vice president of distribution for Latin America for SPT.

The New Mexico-set "Breaking Bad," starring Bryant Cranston as chemistry teacher-turned-meth-manufacturer Walter White, is wrapping up its fifth and final season on AMC.