Production began this week in Spain on La Fortuna, a limited series starring Hollywood's Stanley Tucci and Spanish actors ilvaro Mel and Ana Polvorosa.

The six-part adventure-thriller is based on the graphic novel, The Treasure of the Black Swan, by Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral.

"Alex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, unintentionally becomes the leader of a mission that will test all his convictions: to recover the sunken treasure stolen by Frank Wild, an adventurer who travels the world plundering items of common heritage from the depths of the sea. Forming a unique team with Luci­a, a combative public official, and Jonas Pierce, a brilliant American lawyer passionate about old pirate tales, Alex sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, discovering the importance of love, friendship and commitment to one's beliefs," a synopsis said.

The show is expected to premiere in 2021 on AMC in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as on Movistar+ in Spain.

La Fortuna was created by Alejandro Amenabar -- whose credits include The Others and The Sea Inside -- and was co-written by Amenabar and Alejandro Hernandez.

Amenabar will direct all six episodes.

"These days shooting a series such as this one is a big challenge that all our team takes on with enormous enthusiasm and responsibility. La Fortuna is fundamentally about optimism and the will to fight. Alex Ventura's journey is also ours. We aim to fully succeed, but above all we hope to offer the audience a good dose of excitement and entertainment next year," Amenabar said in a statement.