Prosecutors in Georgia said they are opposing a man's efforts to change his name to "Saint Jody Almighty Bedrock."

Shelby Marwan Heggs, 27, of Macon, said he filed a petition in Bibb County Superior Court in April to change his name because he wants to broadcast his dedication to religion, The Macon Telegraph reported Tuesday.

"I wanted a name that everybody would know when they were talking to me that they were talking to a man of God," Heggs said. "I wanted that to be expressed in my name."

However, prosecutor John Regan said the Bibb County District Attorney's Office is opposing the request.

"It may be (Heggs) attempting to hide his criminal record," he said.

Regan said Heggs has past convictions for driving under the influence and marijuana possession and he has an aggravated battery charge scheduled to go before a grand jury in October.

Heggs said he is trying to distance himself from his past but he is not trying to conceal it. He said the aggravated battery charge stemmed from a fight with a neighbor during which he acted in self defense.