A New Jersey police department helped reunite a crossing guard with the diamond that fell from her ring while she was on the job.

Kathy Iannantuano, whose late husband gave her the diamond ring when he proposed 52 years ago, said she was working at her corner in Tenafy on Tuesday when she noticed the jewel was missing from her ring.

"I can't even tell you the feeling that I had," Iannantuano told WABC-TV. "I can't even tell you about it now without getting emotional."

Iannantuano said she brought her son back to the corner to help her search, but they had no luck.

"Oh I didn't sleep, let me tell you. It was awful," Iannantuano said. "I never, it just was like the last part of my husband was gone. Because he's been dead three years and I never took that ring off, never."

The Tenafly Police Department visited the corner the next day to assist with the search and Officer Louis Smaragdakis found the diamond among some pebbles and debris at the curb line after about 20 minutes of searching.

"This is what we do," Smaragdakis said. "It's about helping others."

"Kathy was very 'appreciative' of Officer Smaragdakis," the police department said in a Facebook post.