A family of 12 siblings earned a Guinness World Record when their combined ages added up to more than 1,042 years.

Guinness said the siblings from the D'Cruz family ranges in age from 75 to 97 years old, and they were awarded the world record for highest combined age, with 12 living siblings, on Dec. 15, when their combined ages totaled 1,042 years, 315 days.

Genia Carter, 75, of London, Ontario, is the youngest in the family, but she said even her oldest siblings still are in good health.

"It doesn't seem real. I always think of Guinness records as the tallest or shortest person or something like that. It was a surprise they even count this," Carter told The London Free Press. "But it's exciting. I'm grateful to have all these siblings still alive."

Carter and her siblings grew up in Pakistan and their oldest brother was the first to move to Canada, where he worked to raise money to bring the rest of the family to the country. She said one sibling now lives in California and another lives in Switzerland, but the rest still are in Canada.

Carter said the family remains close-knit and her siblings have a daily video call every day at 11 a.m. to keep in touch.

"I can't remember any of us ever having a fight where we would not speak to each other. We're all very close. We would do anything for each other," she said.