A pub quiz host who took his games online during the COVID-19 pandemic set a Guinness World Record when 182,513 households signed on to play along.

Jay Flynn, who hosted trivia quiz nights at pubs in England before the coronavirus crisis, took his games online for the Virtual Pub Quiz, allowing fans to continue playing while on lockdown in their homes.

Guinness said the Virtual Pub Quiz set a record for the most viewers of a quiz YouTube live stream when his April 30 game was attended virtually by 182,513 households.

Flynn's games have raised more than $200,000 for National Health Service Charities United.

"This is not just for myself for hosting the quiz and the work that has gone into it. But for the players and families who have come together and also the NHS," Flynn told Guinness.

Flynn was previously named the 1372nd Point of Light honoree by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The award is given by the prime minister to volunteers in various sectors who have been a "point of light" during the pandemic.